One Sunday afternoon in 2010, Mikey Legendre was doing what most Southerners do on such a day, cooking dinner for his family and watching the New Orleans Saints play football. Like most Cajuns, he likes lots of flavor in his food but was not satisfied with any seasoning he used in the past. He wanted the perfect blend of flavor and spices to compliment his food and decided to get creative. Mikey put on his mad scientist jacket and got to work. He threw “a lil’ o’ this and a lil’ o’ that” into a mixing bowl and created a bold flavor! Ay Yi Yie!


Mikey bottled the seasoning and used it to cook at home for family and friends, as well as in the many cook offs he participates in. Every time he cooked at his house, a bottle of his seasoning ended up missing (and found its way to someone else’s house). The growing popularity of his seasoning led Mikey to begin bulk production and make it available to the public.


Today, Ay Yi Yie! Cajun Seasoning is available in two different blends: Original and Spicy. Mikey isn’t planning on slowing down. Be on the lookout for additional Ay Yi Yie! products in the future.


Mikey Legendre is from Thibodaux, Louisiana. He currently resides in Lafayette, Louisiana.